Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Dear Local Pharmacy,

Let's talk.

About dollars.

First of all, let me butter you up by saying you are the best when it comes to drugs and advice about drugs (and other things) and getting me the BEST DEAL on all of my drugs. 

(dear readers....I'm not making that up.  these people have found me coupons that will save me nearly $600 dollars this year on my perscription.  no kidding.)

And I will never forget that time when I got a perscription for something that later became an over-the-counter and you helped me figure out what was the better deal.....because i had a script.  And the better deal turned out to be free samples!  (ya me!)

And that one time when I walked in with my neck all in a brace and just needed to sit down because I had walked farther than I should have.  And you sold me stool softner to counter the effects of the pain meds I was taking.  And how that, alone, helped me "move" through the rest of the day. 

And don't forget the time when I had allergies and I got addicted to nose spray because I didn't know nose spray was habit-forming.  You helped me get over my addiction. 

Clearly, dear pharmacy guy-who-makes-the decisions, we have a history.

And I'm thinking about adding some of these memories to my scrapbook. 

So now I'm here, to help you out.
I owe you.

On the surface, it may appear that this help may seem self-serving. 
But you are smart.  And I know you will see the big picture in this. 
(more butter, anyone?)

Last week, I made a trip to Muscatine.  To the Dollar Tree. 
Everything there is a dollar.

But I don't buy everything there.

And I can't afford to pay for the gas to go there often....so I make a big list and go. 

My "big list" cost me less than $25. 

So here you go.....how about YOU have a "DOLLAR" section in your store?

Think of it:
If people (me) don't have to leave town to buy their toothpaste, napkins, toilet bowl cleaner, acetaminophen, fabric bandaides, knock-off shampoo and body wash, hand soap and fabric softener......

....because YOU offer these items in your DOLLAR section.....

....then they might just be willing to buy their toilet paper and kleenex and dish soap there too.....

.....because it means they are saving time and money on gas. 

AND I would be willing to get a T-shirt made at the Varietees across the street from you and wear it as I ride my bike with the big-butt seat and baskets on it to your store that says:

I shop at WESTFAIR because they have drugs
AND a dollar section!!

Of course, I would put my writing powers to work and let everyone know that they should be shopping locally here.....
.....big-butt-bicycles with baskets are not required.
.....but t-shirts can be made!

So what do you say? 


  1. dear locals~
    comment here if you want me to write about "why i like to shop locally"


    p.s. yes, this is sort of a petition....for me, that is.

  2. "Blogger" is working again. Please take on this assignment. That would be great. All but the toilet paper that is. Thanks to those darn cute commercials, my Nikki is convinced we have to buy Charmin to keep her bootie soft. And Im the crazy mom that does it. =)