Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Food Chain at School

My 4th grade Claire Bear got to visit the middle school wing this week.  She met some teachers, followed a 5th grade buddy, went to classes and..... shoved inside of a locker..... an 8th grader.
specifically, her brother.

nice.  really?  come on kids. 

The wildcat informed his sister that he was just getting her used to what to expect from the 8th graders. 

So.  That reminded me.

Next year, The Wildcat will be a freshman.  Brian has a son who will be a senior.  Marz and Brinn will be in 8th grade, Claire in 5th and Tookie will be at the top of the elementary wing in 4th grade.

So Brady can stuff Nathan into a locker.
Marz and Brinn can take turns picking on Claire.
And Tookie can pick on some poor, unsuspecting kindergartener. 

I'm kidding. 

About the kindergartener.  That just wouldn't be nice. 

Siblings apparently operate on a different standard of "nice." 

I think "stuffing-kid-sibling-in-a-locker" might be their own uique love language. 

Perhaps I will write in to Gary Chapman.

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