Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day is Hard Work

I've come to the conclusion that mother's day can be hard work. 

Everyone wants to do something to make it special, but in the end, we all know that mom is the one who makes the "special" everyone wants actually happen. 

But.....even "hard-work-kind-of-special" is still special. 

I woke to breakfast in bed made by my youngest:  Toast with cinnamon. 
That is the fanciest thing she knew how to make.
So she did.
Love her!

Later we went to the store and someone asked if they made me breakfast.  She said "yep....I made toast."
The couple who asked laughed.
Tookie looked at me and asked:  "Why is toast funny?"

"They must not know how special toast can be,"  I reply.

By the way....can you tell me what is wrong with this tree?

Look close and you will see the litte
daredevil in there.....

oh my.

So I prepare to grill out since spring finally decided to show up.
Nothing fancy.
Hot dogs and hamburgers.

Then I get a call....."Can we come eat with you?"

The normal response is....of course.  But when 5 more people come for lunch, and one of them is a college football player and another is total high-school heavyweight.....then I need to get some more meat! 

Got it.

And we all had lunch together.  And I loved it.

Brian took over the grill.  I had no problem with that!

Brady and his pretty date



Not quite enough room at the table

As Mother's Day comes to a close, all I can think about is how grateful I am for all these people. 

And how much I need a nap.

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