Friday, May 6, 2011

Dear Teachers,


Did I really miss 'teacher appreciation week'? 

Oh my....I think I did. 

In the past, I have tried to, at the very least, send a note or card....send cheese or chocolate or commemorate this week for you.....
.....and to let you know
just how much i appreciate you!!!!

Because, oh my, I do. 

So much so, that I hardly know where to start.....

Dear 3rd Grade and Mrs. D:  My Tookie is my baby.  As the youngest of four, she fits the "youngest" mold perfectly. 
You might even call it textbook.
It is a very real possibility that I am what you would call an "enabler" for this syndrome. 
All I can say is....thank you for understanding.  And even pretending when need be (for my sake...not my daughter)....
....this does not go unnoticed. 

Dear 4th Grade:  You ladies are THE BEST. 
Professionally, you know your stuff.
My Claire loves you
And wants to be a better student
Because she cares about what you think.
I can tell that you have that mama instinct in you....
The one that you probably draw on
When you a mama....that there is more to the story
Than what goes on in the classroom
And you can nurture
in a way
that feels comforting, when needed
and strict...when that is needed.
Never crossing the "professional" line....but blending all of your gifts
in a way that benefits my child.

Are. my daughter....
And that are special to me. 
I want to hug you.
Or buy you diamonds
Or coffee. 

Junior High Teachers:  Yes ALL of you.

You put up with two of mine at the same time.
You tell me that these kids make your job worth it.

But let me flip that coin and tell you something.....
They wouldn't care if you didn't. 
So thank you for caring.
Thank you for letting my kids express themselves
in that (sometimes annoying?) preteen and teenage way
That makes them who they are.

You must put up with a lot with so many kids
All trying to grow up
And fit in
And be different....while trying to fit in.

And you know jr. high is all about being social.
And has nothing to do with science or social studies
or nouns or verbs
or mathematical equations.....

It's about who likes who
and who kissed who
and who said this
or did that..... school.

Your role, as a Jr. High Teacher
is special to me.
Because you have a job to do.
And you somehow do it well
In spite of the fact
that the kids think school is secondary
to the rest of life.

I'd like to send you on a trip somewhere
or buy you a beer
or name a star after you.

Because I appreciate you that much. 

I'm so sorry that I didn't get the halmarks out to every single one of you.
Please pass this along if you care to.....

Nathan's Mom
Marisa's Mom
Claire's Mom
and Danielle's Mom

P.S.  Dear School Counselors:  I LOVE YOU.  You have no idea how much of a difference you make to me by way of my children. 
I often wonder what it would be like to have the kind of job where everyone wants to tell you their problems......
So I think I would buy you coffees, diamonds, vacations and drinks if I could.  And I would also buy you tickets to a concert.  Because somehow, I think you would like it. 


  1. I hope all of the teachers can see this because it is so great! Thank you for expressing "my" words to the teachers as well!

  2. Lisa~
    forward this link to any teachers that I might have missed.

    (i'm not fb friends with all of them)