Wednesday, May 18, 2011

What I'm Writing

I've gotten a lot of questions lately about the writing work that I am doing and if I really make enough money at it. 

Are you curious? are some details. 

First of all....the answer to the money question is yes and no.

Yes...I make more money than I did at my day job at the local coffee shop.  Stepping back from that to write more was a good business decision. is enough to pay my bills. 

and No....because just enough isn't quite enough to feel comfortable. 
But that is okay.  Because I am working hard at it every day and doors seem to be opening that were not there a year ago.  I feel blessed. 

So...."what exactly are you writing, Robin?" 

Well thank you for asking, world-wide-web. 

I am working hard at producing magazine articles and am kicking my foot back in that newspaper door again.  The magazine artilces are being published in regional parenting publications in a few different areas of the country.  And I was approved to freelance for the QC Times....haven't gotten my first assignment yet, but I will.  I love this stuff and would like to write more devotionals (like I used to) and get back into writing locally (I miss that).  My resume looks better in the last year than it has in a dozen years of writing. 

Pesistence seems to be paying off, but not paying the bills. 

So....I have a "day job."
Online content. 

Think about the last thing that you wanted to learn about....and then did a google search to see what came up?
I write those types of articles. 
Someone has to.
Sometimes they are boring and sometimes they are fun. 
I definitely learn alot. 

These assignments are not always glamorous.  But they do pay the bills!

For one website, I write content about arthritis, women's health issues, exercise and fitness tips and homeschooling. 

(i know what you are thinking about the fitness tips.....let's just say i am good at research and leave it at that)

For another website, I try to get assignments in education, parenting and home and garden.  These are the most fun for me.  Yesterday I wrote about some classroom activities with an "ant" theme and another about activities to do at the end of the school year.

But a week ago I wrote about the "potato varieties that are registered in the US." 

I know...I don't particularly care about potato varieties. 

But I do love that I can research and my "day job." 

Does this answer some of your questions? 

Would you like me to show you some of the online content that I write? 


  1. Yes, would love to see more of your work! Thanks, Robin!

  2. YES! Would love to see your work. It's fun.