Monday, May 10, 2010

back online

there was a glitch in mediacom's customer service system. apparently. that's what i'm told.

so last week

(as in 1 week ago)

(7 days)

they DISCONNECTED my cable and internet at the pole. because they had not yet recorded the last renter's transfer away from here and mine into this place.

and yet, they have been keeping up to date on the bills......hmmm.

so this whole week (7 entire days....)I have been without cable and internet and I actually experienced withdrawl like shaking symptoms and would wake up in a cold and disturbing sweat.

I need my internet people.
And I need to know what the real housewives of new york are doing.
and oprah.
and rachel ray.

whew. i am so glad this experience is behind me.

I think I might be a better person because of it.

or not.

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