Friday, May 28, 2010

The Hair Sylist with the Magic Wand....

I say she's magic, but really, she is just a genius.

I went to get my hair done today. I've been planning this for weeks.

The plan was supposed to go like this:

I sit in the chair, she puts the drape around me and says: What are we doing this time rob?
To which I reply: Cut it off. At least three inches. But just do your magic. I want a new look. Make me look 10 years younger (and 10 pounds lighter).
And then guess what, she gives me the exact cut and style that makes me look like the "Sexy Looks for Moms" article in the Redbook Magazine I had just happened to be flipping through.

But it didn't exactly go that way.

It went something a little more like this:
So what are we doing today, Rob?
Me: Well, that depends. How much do you think three inches of hair off of my head will weigh?
Magical Hairstylist: You know, you ask me this every time. 3 inches of hair is not going to show up on your scale when you go home to weigh yourself.
Me: Yeah, now that you mention it, I vaguely remember having this convo with you before. Ok. Well, can you make me look like this? And I pull out Redbook's article with sexy mom hairstyles.
And she says: Well, that is actually the hairstyle you have RIGHT NOW. You know, those messy looks featured aren't really just messy looks. They were MADE to look that way.
ME: So you can't give me a cut that looks messy so I just can wake up with it and mess it up and it looks like that?
Magic Maker: No. But I can freshen up the color, give you a trim and then STYLE IT for you so you can know how to give yourself a MESSY HAIR-STYLE.

ME: Ok. So what you are saying to me is that that I can't just have a "messy" hair-cut that looks like this without styling it and I'm not going to loose any weight in this haircut. ? But I can STYLE it "messy?"

But will I look 10 years younger?

Hairstylist with the Magic Wand (realizing that this conversation was not going to take any sort of turn towards the normal....): Yes. And may I add, that it looks like you've lost some weight since last time.

Me: Who do I make the check out to again?

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