Friday, May 7, 2010

catching up

i have no cable
no internet at my house.

for like 4 days now.

i snuck in brian's house for use of his internet.

and so i could watch the real housewives of new york....the stupid show i allow myself to watch which makes me feel better about the boring of rural life.....digressing here, sorry.

to catch up.

no more neck brace. i can drive again. conveniently just 2 days after gas prices went up like a dime in my town.

the price hasn't changed in 6 weeks. the entire time that i have been unable to drive.

now i can.
up went the price.

i'm thinking conspiracy.

ok....other stuff....

and ball games.
oh and 1 track meet.

so to re-cap my life this week:
no neck brace
gas price conspiracy
and last but not least,
real housewives of new york.

the end.

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