Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Fun Little Exercise

There's this game that I sometimes play....in my head. It's quite an interesting exercise really.

It's just this thing where I will occassionally have these imaginary conversations with people that either would be

A: a Conversation that could never occur in (my)real life or,

B: a Conversation that is with someone that I would never actually have the chance to talk to.....

.....which I guess is about the same thing as my point A.

Take, for example, the conversation that I had with a U.S. Senator a little bit ago. We chatted at great length about the staggering tragic statistics that involve domestic violence and teen dating violence and the importance of bringing awareness to this issue at every level. He then went on to invite me to speak at a couple big time events that he was going to be at and wanted to endorse my efforts to bring awareness to communities, schools, churches and the like.

How nice of him to catch this passion and want to help promote a cause. I think I will vote for him next election.

I mean, of course, if this had been a real conversation and he was a real senator and the whole entire thing wasn't just a figment of my imagination....i would definitely vote for him.

Or then there was this conversation that I had with an editor of a newspaper and we talked about how relatable he thought my writing was and believed his readers would enjoy a regular column submitted by me. Plus, also, he wanted to pay me lots of money to write this column. And he wanted to introduce me to a magazine editor friend in the business.

That was a fun conversation.

Then there was the imaginary conversation that occured with a church pastor in Texas. This church wanted to invite me down to speak at a women's conference. Travel expenses paid for. And I would be on a panel with some pretty impressive names.

I had to tell the pastor that I would check my schedule and get back to him.

Later on.
In my mind.

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