Thursday, May 13, 2010


Kids are coming home from their long week at their dad's tonight!


Gosh I love those kids.

(the cat misses them too.....scroll down to read about her if you missed that one)

I have about 14 million places I need to be this weekend.
It is true, that I can be at 4 places at once. Through the magic of friends and family. And cameras. and sometimes, the checkbook.
But realistically, this weekend, I am only going to be able to be at one place. At one time.
And I feel like I need to breathe into a bag right now just thinking about it.

And I wish-oh-how-i-wish that one of the places I could be is at the funeral of a beloved acquaintance. Even though that isn't a place that anyone wishes they ever have to be.
oh. tears.

I got an CD of the Writers Conference I went to with ALL of the classes on it....even the ones I could not go to.....and it says it can be played on the computer and on MP3 players.

So I bought an MP3 player.
And I spent an entire afternoon trying to get it to work.
I even asked for help.
Before I gave up and decided that once again, technology and me to not have a good working relationship at all.

The last of the randomness (for today):
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  1. I am following you.
    Good luck this weekend!