Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Song of the day

Make that Songs of the day...or two....

My playlist for the next couple of days are songs that remind me of the 6th-12th grade choir concert I went to tonight. So much fun to watch all the kids. And listen to them perform.

And Ty......
The expression on his face while he is up there singing sort of gives me goosebumps. He just sings and smiles and he loves it! And the audience does too.

And so do I.

Nathan tells me he likes choir. Which, if he didn't, I'm fine with that. But he says he likes it. I had to ask, though, because the look on his face says something like "I wish I were anywhere else but here."

The girls look like they have the attitude of somewhere between Nathan and Ty.

Love them all.


  1. Robin,
    Just read your blog -- well done!!! Can't wait to read more. I'd love to start one, but don't know how. You should give lessons!

  2. oh it is really easy. i'll show you anytime!