Wednesday, May 12, 2010

You've Heard of Gender Identity Issues....

.....but have you ever heard of anything like "species identity issues?"
'Cause I'm pretty sure my cat has that.

She greets me at the door.
She follows me around wherever I go.
She sits for a treat.
She rolls over for a belly rub.
When I'm getting ready in the morning, she sits in my bathroom cupboard or on the toilet and listens to me talk about what I have going on for the day....
....and she responds.
When I am at the computer trying to "work" (term used loosely here), she plops herself right next to my notes.
She lets the girls throw her over their shoulder and carry her around like a baby.
She sits on top of the fridge while I cook.

She is most definitely a people cat.
Only I think she thinks she is a dog.

And I'm thinking of changing her name to "Shep."

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