Friday, February 18, 2011

4th Grade Field Trip

I went along as a "chaperone" on the 4th Grade field trip today.

I had my reservations about going. 

Based on my experience on last year's field trip....when these kids were in 3rd grade. 

Last year....I "lost" one of the kids in my group.

We were not able to complete the scavenger hunt project at the museum.

On the bus trip, one of the kids almost spilled a blue slushie on me.

Another had asked me when the last time I had shaved was.

Apparently, not recent enough.

And then there was the whole "some kids should really wear deoderant at this age but don't know it" memory that sort of lingers from last year. 

This year...I AM HAPPY to REPORT....

*That I lost NOONE from my group.
(perhaps due to the fact that in my group of THREE....there were two parents involved.)
(teachers sure are smart)

*There were no concession stands at this years field trip.  Nobody spilled anything on me.

*It was not warm enough for shorts leaving no opportunity for anyone to wonder about my shaving habits.

*I am still fighting a cold.  A little stuffed up.  Can't really smell anything.  Good or bad. 

Claire and two friends in our group

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  1. Sounds like fun! I love field trips. I am glad you like my blog :-)