Thursday, February 10, 2011

Belated Birthday Note to one of my favorite people

I like to write my kids a little letter each year on their birthdays.

There is a "birthday note" on my heart that I am just dying to get out, but fear of stepping on toes has held me back.  Because it isn't for any of my own children. 

So this comes a day late
And someday when I am an old woman (older woman)
I will look back on this day in history
And be able to read my birthday wishes
To one of my favorite people on the planet

Who I am so incredibly proud of

Proud to be a small part of his life

Proud of the man he is growing into being

Proud of his bravery trying new things
....moving to new places
....working harder than he ever has
....stepping out of his comfort zone
....and figuring out what paths he wants to walk

I feel so incredibly blessed that he allows me to be a small part of his life

Because the truth is
He takes up a big part of my heart

Happy (Belated) Birthday
Ty James
I love you


  1. :o) ... Happy Birthday ... Debbie Madsen

  2. And he is lucky to have you in his life!