Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I hate winter right now

Looking for sunshine and green grass and warmer temps.
Sunflower seeds and baseball games sound good too. 

I say this as the forcasted weather for the next two days is for "feets" (tookie says it like this) of snow and blizzard conditions.

So....in order to cope, I plan on turning the heat up, wearing pajamas all day, playing wii with the kids....

And....I will pour some wine, make a tanning appointment and dream about being someplace else.  Someplace warm.  Someplace Jimmy Buffet would sing about.

alcohol and imagination works well for me.


  1. Robin I have a tanning bed right here next door to you so if you dont want to go out driving in this crap, put your snow suit on and walk over here. You may use it anytime you'd like.
    Your neighbor

  2. Hey Brig~
    Can I?

    I'll bring cookies!