Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Wildcat faces North Cedar...and another post about puke

So way back in football season when we played north cedar, I was thinking....
man, these boys in north cedar are huge! what are their mamas feeding them?

So I was mentally prepared for the match-up in size to be just like this....

The wildcats didn't look like they were playing with confidence.
And I didn't see any outstanding bouts of aggressiveness.
So it wasn't a fun one to watch.

But worth noting:
The wildcat played till he puked.
Which is a sure sign that he was playing harder than I first suspected.
He came out of the game in the 3rd quarter....
....to puke
But then he pulled up the proverbial boot straps and got back in there.

This is the post puke picture.
I should have probably asked him if he wanted a breath mint before I left. 

(yes, this is the second post in a row about vomit of some sort.)
(suddenly i feel boring that the most noteworthy things that i want to write down happen to be about throwing up)
(someday I may grow up and have more interesting things that I want to share.  maybe.)

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