Wednesday, February 23, 2011

it's like kindergarten all over again

This morning I had to drop the wildcat off at a baseball player meeting.

A high school baseball player meeting.

I dropped him off at the high school for a high school player meeting. 

And I kept thinking about how this just wasn't right.

And how I wondered if he wanted his mama to walk into the classroom with  him.... he did when he was lining up outside on his first day of kindergarten.

And, like kindergarten, how I wanted to stay around and maybe peek in the windows or catch a glimpse of him walking the halls. 

And where in the world did all of the elementary and jr. high school-time go anyway? 
Did I blink?

I'm happy to report that I only dropped him off. 
I didn't embarass him.
Didn't even mention how weird it was for me to be taking him to a high school thing...
...well, not more than 2 times anyway.

And he gets out of the car and says: Thanks mom.  Don't forget I'm lifting weights after practice.

And I said okay, i won't forget. 

But I thought:  i won't forget and i won't blink and i won't let any more time pass by without noticing and
I will be here waiting when you get done.
Just like kindergarten.

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