Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snow Day

Snow day is just a little to mild of a way to describe this day.

Pretty sure this will be known as the Blizzard of 2011.

So....I'd like to document how our day was spent.  My apologies for those of you looking for riveting words and sensational stories. 
Because when I'm not busy wowing you with these stories....I'm using this as a diary of sorts. 

So I pushed my way out the door this morning.  Hard.  Actually took muscle. 
Muscle that I wasn't ready to use.
So I used my resources.....

We cleaned the living room.  I'm thinking of letting the dust bunnies roam celebration of the Easter season. 
And because I'm tired of dusting.
 Some of us read "a million minutes." 
All in one day.
Because today is the official kick-off of "Read a Million Minutes" at school. 

 I made homemade cheesburger sliders.
Which nobody liked.
Except for me.
So I ate more than I should have.
And now feel pretty blah about. 
We celebrated the cat's birthday.
With cake.
We don't really know when her birthday is.
A snow day seemed like a good enough day to us.

And while I don't have pictures to prove anything....I just broke up a physical altercation between the two youngest. 
It wasn't pretty.
Of course, everyone was being all tough till they got caught. 
Then tears and "did you see what she did to me?"
And all that girl stuff. 
Their room looks like the blizzard hit there.  Right smack in the middle of it.

And I'm tired.
Still wearing same clothes I was this time yesterday.
I've been busy all the live-long day around here, but certainly didn't get a thing done that I wanted to.

But I did have birthday cake.
And cheeseburger sliders.
So that is something. 

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