Friday, February 25, 2011

Fair Warning...

...Stop reading at this very moment if you think you cannot handle girl talk.

And just so you know, I think my pharmacist wishes I would have given him the same warning.

But fortunately for him, he hired a wonderful pharmacy tech whose name is Hannah and she celebrated her 34th birthday today and she gives me some sort of candy every time I walk in. 

So...the day started out like any day that includes an annual physical would.

I got to visit my favorite PA on the planet.  And act like it is completely normal to talk about the weather and periods and tell a joke while wearing nothing but a paper towel. 

A sense of humor does help in these situations. 

I've already decided that at our next meeting, I will have some sort of fake tattoo in place....just to see if she notices. 

So I get done, assure the receptionist that nothing has changed with insurance.  Meaning I don't have any.  And watch the "sorry for you" look on her face.
So what.
Am I the only person that comes in here who doesn't have insurance?

I go next door to the pharmacy. 
And hand over my perscription.
And I tell him that I need to get a price on it before I fill it. insurance. 

And it just so happens that my perscription runs around $80.
$74 for the generic.

So I pleasantly say....okay, I cannot fill this so thanks for the chocolate and I will be back to visit every once in a while because you guys are my favorite pharmacy people ever and i don't have very many adult friends that i talk to anyway. 

(pretty sure pharmacist was thinking of calling security or the rubber truck company)

Then Hannah.  God bless Hannah. 
Gets on the computer.
Finds a coupon from the drug company.
Has me fill out the info on the computer.
Scores me my perscription for $25. 

I told her how much I loved her and would add her to my Christmas card list. 
And I said happy birthday.

What better way to make the day better than by getting your hair done. 
That's what I thought.
Which is why I made appointments on the same day.

I have hot hair.

I went to the wildcat's last basketball game.
With my hot hair.
And had to go the bathroom.

And none of the bolts on the doors of the restroom worked.
So I peed.
Not in private.

Which sort of reminded me of the start of my day.