Sunday, February 13, 2011

Weekend in Review...

Just the highlights:

*The wildcat and the rest of the 8th grade boys basketball team continues to work hard.  There wasn't a win here, but the hard fought battle made me proud to be watching these boys play.  They can hang in there when they want to.  Keep working hard boys!

*This is what I call the creative proccess meets writer's block.  I have my notes from an interview I conducted with some of the most inspirational nurses I have ever met.  I'm working on an article about them for a hospice care company newsletter.  They are so fabulous....the words I have so far just don't seem to do them proper justice.  I really want to nail this one. 

(do you see that random string in this photo?  my cat dragged it over wanting to play)

*And this is for the 3rd and 4th graders.  I have a bunch of popcorn to pop and I have stocked up on about 10 pounds of m&ms that I will throw in.  My girls have volunteered me for valentine treats.  I know how to decorate popcorn.  That's it.  And somehow, the girls think this is great.  well okay, then!

*Marz played ball yesterday.  Won the first, lost the second and third. I suspect a case of burn-out.

*Took played yesterday.  She got mad at me for going to Marisa's and not hers.  I need to find me a mommy "double." 

*Claire plays later today.  It's always fun to see if she is going to throw an elbow or experience some foul trouble.  4th grade can be intense, you know.  (or maybe just my daughter can be intense....)

*I'm STILL not feeling the best.  Got issues with my ear.  So if I you talk to me and I just stare at you, my apologies.  I cannot hear you. 
Or I may be using my current state of disability to act like I cannot hear you.

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